Fundraising Opportunities


Our magnets and decals are ideal for fundraising groups.

  • Does your choir need new equipment?
  • Is your school in need of operating funds?
  • Does your church lobby need an extreme makeover?
  • Does your Youth Ministry need funds for their next conference?
  • Do your Scouts need new camping gear?
  • Does your Religious Education Program need new materials?

Keep more money for your cause

We offer wholesale pricing to help your group make the most money possible in your fundraising activities. Why sell popcorn or chocolate bars and give the snack company half the money? We give you a lot more of the proceeds, and our products are far superior to a treat that is quickly forgotten, and increases your waistline.

Where does the money go?

In a typical program with a popcorn or chocolate vendor, half of what you sell comes back to your cause. So when you sell $1,000 worth of popcorn or chocolate bars, you get to keep $500, doubling your investment. Not bad, but you can do better.

One example with our program, you can buy our magnets at wholesale for $1.50 each, and sell them for $5, profiting $3.50 on every sale. That's a bigger profit margin than what you may be used to. Plus, every sale is another magnet evangelizing Christ. Unlike candy and popcorn which are quickly eaten, these magnets can last for years, displaying an important message.

How can we do this?

We are not a business. We are a charitable organization of volunteers, and members of the Knights of Columbus. This means we do not pay salesmen to pitch our products. We do not pay professionals to maintain our website, deal with customers, and send out orders. We do not lease office and warehouse space. The money left over after all our expenses are paid for goes to charity. Every penny of it.

When you think about it, you are helping out charitable causes twice. First, you help yourself by keeping a large chunk of your sales. Second, you help our program's charities, too, instead of giving money to the snack companies.

Success Stories

A Youth Group sells magnets and decals to supplement their chartered buses to their annual Steubenville youth conference. Their fundraising activities pay for half the cost of the buses, which allows more students to participate, and keep the costs down for all.

A Cub Scout Pack sold Keep Christ In Christmas magnets for several years. They sold so many, they were able to buy two aluminum Pinewood Derby tracks, complete with computerized electronics for the most accurate results. The Pinewood Derby is one of their most popular activities. It brings scouts and families together.

The possibilities are endless. If you have a cause, our program can help you get to where you need to be.

Where do I start?

All you have to do is buy a case (or multiple cases) through this website, at wholesale prices. When you buy a case of 200 pieces for $300, and sell each piece for $5, you bring in $1,000. That's a net profit of $700 per case (less our modest shipping/handling fees).

So what are you waiting for? Buy your first case and see how well they sell. They never go stale. They don't have an expiration date. Keep then on hand until you sell them all, and enjoy the profits for your worthy cause.


Christian magnets, decals, and nativity sets