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About the Program
Here is a little bit of information about how the program works. We, KC Council 11091 in Algonquin, IL, manage the program and order the products from our manufacturers. We couldn’t possibly ship all of the orders for magnets that are received every year. We partner with distributors throughout North America to ship magnets and decals within their regions. Our distributors are not businesses-- they are Knights of Columbus councils just like us.  If you order magnets or decals, you’ll probably receive them from one of these distributors.

Individual KC Councils throughout North America make up the largest group of buyers of magnets and decals. They buy cases of 200 magnets or 200 sheets of decals. In turn, they sell these items after church, at their Christmas Tree lots, at Pancake Breakfasts, and at other various events. It’s not just KC councils, though. Scout packs and troops order cases to raise money for camping gear. Catholic parishes order cases and sell them out of the church office. Catholic youth groups order cases and sell them after mass to pay for their trips. Other Christian organizations order cases and sell them to their communities.

A case of 200 magnets or 200 sheets of decals sells for $300 plus $20 shipping and handling. We recommend a selling price of $5.00 for one magnet or one sheet of decals. This way, groups who sell them one at a time can make up to $680 per case of 200. The biggest question most folks dwell on is how many cases to order. Would we like to raise $680, $1,360, or $2,040 this year? It takes work to sell them all, but a little preparation and creative thinking goes a long way. Set up a table after mass and at any event you can think of. Get a note in the church bulletin. A word from your priest during mass announcements goes a long way, too. Whether you are raising funds to help the poor, donate to the parish general fund, or give to the local food pantry, people like to know what the funds will be used for.

As the Christmas season gets closer, communities start seeing these magnets and decals on cars and in store windows. Pretty soon, you can’t run an errand without seeing one. There’s a sense of pride for all the organizations who participate in the program as they see their work blossom in a visible, meaningful way. What a great way to evangelize what Christmas is all about.

KC Council 11091 is here to help you.
Most of the time, your regional distributor is the best place to go for questions about a specific order. Their contact information is listed on the website. Click here and select your location on the map. You should see your distributor’s information, and you can contact them.

For general questions, public relations, or if you need to reach us for any other reason, email is by far the best and fastest way to contact us (magnets@kcnativitysets.com). Describe your question in detail. If it is about an order you placed, please include:

  • Order number
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Name of the person associated with the order
  • Your city and state (or country)

Emails are usually addressed within one business day, and we can resolve most issues and answer your questions quickly.

We’re an all-volunteer organization, and we’re certainly not a business with staff in an office. Our phone number goes to a voicemail service, which we check regularly.  If your issue can only be addressed by a phone call, please leave a message at (224) 829-0618. A volunteer from our committee will get back to you.

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Our Mission
To advocate for the religious origins and symbolism of the Christmas season across all Christian denominations. Also to further evangelize silently and verbally through those symbols.

Our Purpose
Distribute Nativity magnets and decals nationwide and internationally to raise funds for charity as well as evangelize.

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